Colorado Fall Foliage 2012

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Kenosha Pass - Fairplay - Twin Lakes

Independence Pass - Aspen Area

Friday - September 28, 2012 - Day One

Heading west from Castle Rock via highway highways 85, 470, and 285 our first stop was from the 10,001' overlook at Kenosha Pass.  We had lunch in the historic gold mining town of Fairplay which sits within the borders of South Park, a high intermountain grassland region that encompasses about 1,000 square miles.  Following highway 24 west and then 82 west towards Aspen we enjoyed the scenery in the Twin Lakes region before climbing to the 12,095' overlook at Independence Pass.  The descent from Independence Pass presented numerous photo opportunities of the brilliant Aspen stands all the way to the town of Aspen.  Castle Creek Road, which heads south from near the town of Aspen, yielded brilliant late day foliage views against a backdrop of dark mountain scenery.  We would re-visit this road the following morning.

Farm Scene from Highway 285 east of Kenosha Pass, CO.


Horse pasture near Highway 285 east of Kenosha Pass, CO.


Kenosha Pass overlook view looking west.


Kenosha Pass view looking south.


Historic gold mining town of Fairplay, CO.


Railroad spur in Fairplay, CO.


Mountain view looking north from Fairplay, CO. 


Buffalo Peaks - Weston Pass  from near Highway 285 south of Fairplay.


Twin Lakes looking south from near Highway 82.


Twin Lakes Aspen stands. 


Nancy at Independence Pass overlook. 


Independence Pass mountain scenery from overlook walk.


Capturing the Aspens descending west from Independence Pass.


Aspen View west of Independence Pass.


Green & Gold Aspen trees west of Independence Pass.


Pastel Colors - Aspen Forest near Aspen, CO.


Aspen and Evergreen forests along highway 82 east of Aspen.


Tall Aspens along highway 82 near Aspen, CO.


Hidden lake framed by Aspen forest - Aspen, CO.


Tightly clustered stand of Aspens near Aspen, CO.


Typical view along highway 82 east of Aspen, CO.


Looking south from highway 82 east of Aspen, CO.


Aspens bathed in late day sun along Castle Creek Road south of Aspen, CO.


View from Castle Creek Road south of Aspen, CO. 


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