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Hocking Hills State Park & Nearby Areas of western Ohio 

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Autumn 2016

October 16 - 19 & 22, 2016

Nancy and I had spent the first few days of our annual fall foliage trip exploring the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio which includes Hocking Hills State Park.  Our main interest was finding waterfalls and covered bridges along with hiking a few of the many trails found within the park.  We also sought out a couple of waterfalls located in western Ohio near the Indiana border.

Rock Mill Falls - View 1:  Nancy captured this nice image of the Rock Mill waterfalls, covered bridge, and old mill which is located near Lancaster Ohio.


Rock Mill Falls - View 2:  A closer view of the falls and plunge pool surrounded by a pallet of rock colors.


Rock Mill Falls - View 3 The water cursing through the plunge pool creates a swirling leaf pattern in this several second time exposure image.


Nancy & Brian:  Posing for a photo in Conkies Hollow, Hocking Hills S.P.


Cedar Falls - Hocking Hills SP:  More of a trickle than a waterfalls due to the very dry conditions that preceded our visit. 


Cedar Falls Trickle - Hocking Hills SP:   Colorful rock formations serve as a backdrop for a thin and ghostly waterfall.


Woodland Sun Shafts:  Early morning sun rays penetrate deep into the woods of the Hocking Hills SP. 


Lone Mushroom:  A lone mushroom just begged to be photographed along a trail in Hocking Hills SP.  



Ash Cave Trail - Hocking Hills SP:  Nancy taking a break along the trail that leads down into the cavernous alcove of Ash Cave. 


Ash Cave - Hocking Hills SP:  The large alcove of Ash Cave also features a waterfalls that descends from high above, but was mostly dry during our visit. 


Old Man's Cave Trail - Hocking Hills SP:  A quiet pre-dawn view of the path leading down to Old Man's Cave and a couple of waterfalls. 


The Devil's Bathtub - Hocking Hills SP:  A stream has carved out a bathtub in the rocks beneath the bridge that connects a trail to the upper and lower waterfalls. 

Upper Falls - Hocking Hills SP A serene early morning view of the mostly dry upper falls near Old Man's Cave.


Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn Found between Logan and Hocking Hills SP.

Old Barn An old barn near Logan, Ohio. 


Rock House Entry - Hocking Hills SP One of the entryways into the Rock House along the Rock House trail, easily missed since it is much darker inside than how it appears here. 

Rock House - Hocking Hills SP:  The Rock House interior which in mostly pitch dark until one's eyes get dark adapted, even then it is much darker than it appears here in this long exposure HDR image. 

Rock House "Inside Out" - Hocking Hills SP:   Looking out through a keyhole entry from inside the Rock House cavern.

John Bright Covered Bridge - Lancaster, Ohio A leaf clogged stream flows beneath the John Bright covered bridge near downtown Lancaster. 

McCleery Covered Bridge - Lancaster, Ohio:  This is one of several covered bridges that is located in and around Lancaster Ohio.

West Milton Cascades 1 - West Milton, Ohio A pretty waterfall found in the town West Milton Ohio. 

West Milton Cascades 2 - West Milton, Ohio Water cascades over a series of rock ledges in the town of West Milton Ohio.

Ludlow Falls - Ludlow, Ohio Low water flow created a solitary plume of water cascading from the Ludlow Creek.

Robinson Falls 1 - Boch Hollow, Ohio:  A secluded falls in Hocking Hills Ohio is also known as the "Corkscrew Falls".

Robinson Falls 2 - Boch Hollow, Ohio:  A secluded falls in Hocking Hills Ohio is also known as the "Corkscrew Falls".

Robinson Falls 3 - Boch Hollow, Ohio:  A  closer view of the secluded falls in Hocking Hills Ohio, also known as the "Corkscrew Falls".

Robinson Falls 4 - Boch Hollow, Ohio:  A close up view of the secluded "Corkscrew Falls" in Boch Hollow, Hocking Hills area of Ohio. 

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