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Autumn 2016

October  19 - 20, 2016

A couple of rainy days not only replenished the waterfalls we hoped to photograph but also gave us excellent lighting conditions to photograph a few colorful covered bridge scenes on our way to Parke County Indiana. 


Potters Covered Bridge 1 - Noblesville, Indiana:  This 259' covered bridge crosses the west fork of the White River amid colorful fall foliage in Noblesville, IN.


Potters Covered Bridge 2 - Noblesville, Indiana:  Another view of this fine bridge taken from the opposite shore of the White River.   


Darlington Covered Bridge 1 - Darlington, Indiana:   A rainy day enhanced the fall foliage colors surrounding the aging Darlington Bridge where it spans the Sugar Creek. 


Darlington Covered Bridge 2 - Darlington, Indiana:   Another view of the Darlington Bridge showing an entryway that is open only to pedestrian foot traffic.


Williamsport Falls 1 - Williamsport, Indiana:  I lucked-out visiting this normally dry falls as it had rained heavily the night before and was still raining during the time of our visit. 


Williamsport Falls 2 - Williamsport, Indiana::   This normally dry waterfall was flowing nicely due to heavy rain in the hours before our visit.


Rob Roy Covered Bridge 1 - Rob Roy, Indiana Nancy captured this fine image of Rob Roy Bridge on a very rainy morning in Fountain County, Indiana. 


Rob Roy Covered Bridge 2 - Rob Roy, Indiana Fall foliage enhanced the view of the Rob Roy Bridge crossing the Big Shawnee Creek in Fountain County, Indiana. 


Cades Mill Covered Bridge - Fountain County, Indiana:  Another fine bridge found in rural Fountain County near Veedersburg, Indiana.  This one crosses the Coal Creek.


Rolling Stone Covered Bridge 1 - Putnam County, IndianaThe Big Walnut Creek runs full beneath the Rolling Stone Bridge which was built in 1915. 


Rolling Stone Covered Bridge 2 - Putnam County, IndianaA view showing the interior construction of the Burr Arch Truss design and was also a nice refuge from the rain. 


Rolling Stone Covered Bridge 3 - Putnam County, IndianaAn inviting view of the bridge surrounded by fall foliage on a rainy day. 

Pine Bluff Covered Bridge 1 - Putnam County, Indiana:   Another bridge that crosses the Big Walnut Creek in Indiana's Putnam County.


Pine Bluff Covered Bridge 2 - Putnam County, Indiana A painterly view of the Pine Bluff Covered Bridge, and like the nearby Rolling Stone Bridge was also built in 1915.

Lower Cataract Falls - Owen County, Indiana:   The Lower Cataract Falls running fast and full after a flooding rainstorm.


Cataract Covered Bridge & Upper Falls - Owen County, IndianaThe flooded Mill Creek rushes beneath the Cataract Covered Bridge adjacent to the Cataract Falls Recreation Area.

Cataract Covered Bridge 1 - Owen County, Indiana:  A closer view of the Cataract Bridge crossing Mill Creek.

Cataract Covered Bridge 2 - Owen County, Indiana:   Pouring rain softens the view of the Cataract Bridge located within the Cataract Falls Recreation Area. 

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