Lehigh County Pennsylvania - Covered Bridges

Winter 2015

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Lehigh County - East Central Pennsylvania 

 6 Covered Bridges

January 2015

January 28, 2015

Nancy and I wanted to see the six covered bridges of Lehigh County Pennsylvania, and thought it would be nice to see them with a fresh snow cover on the ground.  The air was crisp and cold, but bright sun and blue skies prevailed for the entire day.  It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and at the same time give Nancy a chance to take some photos with her new camera. 

1.  Bogert's Covered Bridge:  This bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Lehigh County and among one of the oldest still standing in the nation.  It is 145 feet long and was constructed over the Little Lehigh River.  The bridge is no longer open to traffic, but is still open to pedestrians. 


2.  Manassas-Guth Covered Bridge:  Built in 1858, it spans 120' across Jordan's Creek.  The far end of the bridge "T's" into Iron Bridge Road. 


3.  Wehr's Covered Bridge This bridge is also known as Sieger's bridge.  It is 140 feet long and crosses Jordan Creek.  Built in 1841 it is among the oldest still standing in Pennsylvania and in the U.S.A.  Wehr's Bridge is now part of South Whitehall's covered bridge park and is still open to traffic along Township Route 597 at the junction with River Road.


4.  Rex Covered Bridge:  Built in 1858, this is the longest covered bridge in the Lehigh Valley with a span of 150 feet.  The bridge is open to traffic along Township Route 593 (Jordan Road) where it crosses the Jordan Creek.


5.  Geiger's Covered BridgeThis bridge is 120 feet long and is yet another bridge that crosses the Jordan Creek.  Built in 1860, the shape of the entrance and exit has an unusual design of a stepped portal.  The bridge is located on Township Road 681, Orchard Road. 


6.  Schlicher's Covered Bridge:  Schlicher's bridge, at 108 feet long,  is the shortest of the Lehigh Valley's covered bridges.  It is also the newest being built in 1882.  This bridge also crosses the Jordan Creek and is located along State Route 4007, Trexler Game Preserve Road.  There is a single window on each side of the bridge overlooking the creek. 

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