Ohiopyle State Park - Western Pennsylvania Fall Foliage 2013

All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

Ohiopyle State Park

Ferncliff Trail - Jonathan Run Falls

Monday - October 14, 2013 - Day One

Our main goal for this year's fall foliage trip was to capture some pretty waterfall scenes tucked away amid the splendid fall foliage.  The original plan was to head to Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio which features several such falls.  Unfortunately, due to the "government shutdown" of 2013 the park was closed to all visitors and we were forced to make other arrangements.  Fortunately, Ohiopyle State Park here in Pennsylvania offers an excellent alternative!  The highlight for this day was finding Jonathan Run Falls which is well hidden from view down a very steep embankment through the woods.  Getting into position to photograph these falls results in many scrapes and bruises along the way, but the scene was well worth the effort!

River Gorge View from Ferncliff Trail High Bridge, which was  formerly a railroad crossing, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


Ohiopyle Falls as seen from Ferncliff Trail along the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle State Park.


Red Tinged Oak Leaves along the Ferncliff Trail, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


Nancy taking a break below the Ferncliff Trail.


High Bridge view from the Youghiogheny River, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


Capturing Images along the Youghiogheny River.


A "signature tree" found along Ferncliff Trail, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


First View of the Lower Jonathan Run Falls from steep embankment, Ohiopyle State Park, PA. 


Closer View of Lower Jonathan Run Falls, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


The Lower Jonathan Run Falls and Rock Terrace as viewed from the base of the ravine, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.  Click here for a view of the Upper Jonathan Run Falls as seen during the Spring season.


Lower Jonathan Run Falls empting into splash pond, Ohiopyle State Park, PA.


Decaying Log along Ferncliff Trail, Ohiopyle State Park, PA. 


Cucumber Falls & Sugar Run Falls

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