Pike County Waterfalls


All Photographs Brian & Nancy Morganti

 Waterfalls of Pike County

 Northeast Pennsylvania

Autumn 2021

October 5th & 14th - 2021

After a couple of heavy rainstorms in eastern Pennsylvania, I figured it might be a good time to do a little waterfall photography.  Besides, the fall colors were just beginning to emerge in the highlands of northeast Pennsylvania and this would add a nice touch of color to the woodland scenes. 

I enjoyed this trip so much that I decided to make a second trip about a week later!  This time I took Nancy along to see and photograph many of the same waterfalls as well as a couple of new ones.  The fall foliage was closer to peak colors on this trip, and this gave an entirely new look to some of the same falls I photographed just 9 days earlier. 


Factory Falls - 17' - Dingmans Creek:  A "falls over cascade" and the first of three waterfalls one encounters on a hike down a series of steep pathways.  This waterfall resides next to the remnants of an old stone woolen mill, thus the name.  The darker streaks of water are caused by a combination of leaf tannin staining the water and some muddy run-off from the recent rains.


Fullmer Falls - 55' - Dingmans Creek:  This is the next waterfall found below Factory Falls and is also the highest of the three falls found along this hike.  This one is a somewhat difficult to photograph due to quite a bit of debris blocking access to its plunge pool. 


Deer Leap Falls - 30' - Falls over Falls - Dingmans CreekThe final of the three falls featuring a photogenic 30' plunge of water into a wide plunge pool basin. 

Deer Leap Falls - 30' - Closer View:   A closer view better reveals the first drop of the falls at the top of the main waterfall...thus the "falls over falls" description. 


Silver Thread Falls - 80' - Slide - Dingmans Creek:  Sawing its way down a series of rock cliffs Silver Thread Falls is found along the pathways to the much larger Dingmans Falls.  Often seen as a mere trickle, the recent heavy rains presented a much more impressive view. 


Dingmans Falls - 130' - Cascade over Slide- Dingmans Creek:   This impressive waterfall is the second highest in the state of Pennsylvania and was running at near capacity at the time of this photograph.  As always, a heavy overcast sky helps tame the brightness of the falls and reveals subtle color variations within the cascading waters. 


Raymondskill Falls - 180' overall (60' shown) - Raymondskill Creek:  This is the highest overall waterfall in the state as it cascades down a series of sandstone ledges.  Unfortunately the lower portion of the falls (out of view to the left of this image) is inaccessible due to numerous deadfalls.  The upper viewing platform can be seen at the top of the falls, but the best views are from the bottom of the falls as shown. 


Shohola Falls - 70' - Slide - Shohola Creek:   A 50 yard wide waterfall that slides down a series of ledges ending in a 10 foot drop into a wide plunge pool.  This panoramic view shows the emerging fall colors of a third or fourth-growth woodland. 



Shohola Falls - Side View:  This is a closer view of the 10 foot drop from the left side of the falls as it enters the plunge pool. 


Shohola Falls - Upper SectionAn interesting cascade of water from an upper portion of the falls, well above the main slide. 


The following photos were taken during our second trip 9 days later on October 14th.

Factory Falls - Plunge Pool SwirlThe most notable changes in this view from that of 9 days earlier are the deeper oranges in the fall foliage, and the diminished water flow due to lack of rain in the preceding days. 

Upper Factory Falls - Dingmans Creek Nancy captured this peaceful view of Dingmans Creek and a small waterfall.  From here the water flows over the main cascades of the much larger Factory Falls. 


Indian Ladder Falls - 40' - Cascade - Hornbecks Creek A difficult falls to photograph due to the large amount of broken tree trunks and branches at the base of the falls.  A bright sunny day tends to create a lot of contrast as well between sunlit and shady areas. 


Fan Shaped Falls - Lower Section - Hornbecks Creek This one is below the main cascade of the Indian Ladder Falls.


Fulmer Falls Thru the Trees This view is seen from the steep path leading down to Deer Leap Falls. Trees and leaves block part of the view from this vantage point, but does offer a decent view of the large plunge pool below. 


Fulmer Falls - Autumn View A similar view taken from the same spot as 9 days earlier, but the change in leaf color lends an entirely different "feel" to the scene!


Deer Leap Falls - Plunge Pool Swirl:  Again, this image can be compared to the earlier view.  Notice the emerald green color of the plunge pool as well as the deeper colors of leaf foliage. 


Dingmans Falls - Plunge Pool Swirl:   The most noticeable difference from the earlier visit is the diminished volume of water flowing down the slide, especially on the right side of the falls where the water enters the plunge pool.

Dingmans Falls - Thru the Trees Here is Nancy's colorful view of Dingmans Falls "thru the trees".  A difficult shot when bright sunlight illuminates only a part of the waterfall. 


Raymondskill Falls - Fall Foliage View:  Here is almost an identical view of the falls as was taken 9 days earlier, but with the obvious advancement of the fall foliage colors as well as a somewhat diminished water flow. 



Shohola Falls - Upper Section of Slide:  Nancy captured a section of one of the many waterslides located well above the main plunge of the Shohola Falls.  The autumn colors were nearing peak at the time this image was captured.


Shohola Falls - Roundhouse Nancy isolated this view of an interesting stone "roundhouse" structure that was located just above the plunge pool of Shohola Falls. 


Shohola Falls Dam:  A view of the Shohola Dam at dusk. The dam is located just upstream from the slides of the Shohola Falls. 


Factory Falls - Indian Summer View:  A final view of Factory Falls as they are being bathed in the warm light of an Indian Summer afternoon.


Factory Falls - Mill Doorway:  Lastly, there is not much left of the old mill that was built in 1826 right next to the Factory Falls.  But the stone walls still stand as well as some window and door openings, this one giving a look into what was once the inside of the mill. 


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